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I remember reading it, good story

This scarf took me forever to make , it’s nice to have something unique. and one of a kind that’s completely my own.

This scarf took me forever to make , it’s nice to have something unique. and one of a kind that’s completely my own.

Helen Keller and Love

I’ve been reading about Helen Keller what most don’t know is she got to know romantic love with a fellow named Peter Feagon. 

Unfortunately that love was denied to her by circumstances.and the Era in which she lived.It wasn’t that Peter didn’t love Helen, it was the fact that everyone around her took that choice away from here Helen and Peter wanted to be married, so peter slipped away to get a license for marriage the public got a hold of this and everything went downhill form there.Her family and her caregiver, Annie were furious over this did not approve.(which was hypocritical of Annie to deny Helen love, since Annie herself was disabled and married, just my opinion)

Helen was taken away while Peter was threatened at Gun point by Helen’s in law.The two lovers still planned to elope. Helen was waiting at the place they were suppose to meet up at, but Peter never showed up due to the death threats done by Helen’s in law. their love eventually disappeared over time. 

It wasn’t like Helen couldn’t make her own choices or  anything she was very smart and advocate for people . She communicated from a type of sign language even wrote books and letters. She even went and studied at a university an advanced school. Plus. she was around 30 years old when she met her love. It’s not like she was some teenage child easily manipulated by a bad man, she was known as very headstrong. Her caregiver annie was also disabled but she married, so why couldn’t Helen marry as well? I know the era was different for disabled people but just because family members and a caregiver might of thought it right to take away a choice from her does’t make it right at all.

Some may think that disabled people being denied love is a thing of a past, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Still today disabled people get their choice taken away when it comes to love wether it be by family members or caretakers and it’s sad considering people should know better than to deny others of love.

What are your complete feelings on Daryl and Beth? They're starting to grow on me and I just wanted to see some outside perspective.




welllllll what i like most about them is how much sense they make as a couple? despite all their differences, and even if you ignore romantic subtext i never expected them to be such a great team? they formed a bond neither of them has with anyone else in a very short time and even in their dire circumstances they both fLOURISHED because of it?
they complement each other:
  • daryl being the physical strength, doing whatever he needs to do to keep them alive, and beth the mental strength/moral heart keeping them human (whispers: the protector and the caregiver)
  • neither of them would have come that far on their own cause without beth daryl would have stared into a fire thinking everyone was dead and without daryl beth would have had the urge to do something but without the skill to do it
  • so their power/skills combined = instant win
  • they’re almost complete opposites yet they managed to not only make it work, but also make the most use of their best skills in combining them and getting each others back at their weaker points.
  • its teamwork at its finest and it happened without any forced agreements or talks about it, they brought out the best in each other just by being themselves, if that isnt beautiful i dont know what is

but even better: they didn’t STOP at complementing each other, they  LEARNED from each other, they were actively exchanging skills. there is SO MUCH RESPECT AND TRUST between them. they accept their differences and admire them rather than resent them.

  • beth influencing daryl with her hope and optimism, giving him reasons not to give up
  • beth encouraging daryl to get out of his comfort zone and to deal with his emotions
  • beth and daryl growing from ‘we sit on opposite ends of this tree dont u DARE TOUCH ME’ to holding hands and daryl carrying her and beth hugging him, especially for daryl (if you look closely you can see he even flinches for a second when beth hugs him in 4x01 as if he expects her to attack him) for daryl THIS IS HUGE
  • (also: beth accepting his rag as his best apology for that rude comment about her father, beth making him feel comfortable by saying ‘ohhhh that’s a good one’ when daryl was obviously uncomfortable at playing that drinking game, beth seeing right through his bullshit act and not being afraid to call him out on it, beth not judging him at all when he started talking about merle and his past but paying attention to his feelings and searching for common ground, beth complimenting daryl and making him believe in himself, really i could go on for hours)
  • i mean we got daryl fucking dixon here who’s only visible emotion is a nonchalant shrug and beth got him angry and sad and smiling and openly talking about his past and giving her piggyback rides and willing to stay with her at the funeral home and let other people into his life, even strangers, in only a couple of hours time.
  • like didnt he throw water bottles at her head not even bothering to LOOK at her only seconds ago what happened

and then we got beth

  • beth finally getting some space to deal with things her own way and to grow and DO something and figure out what she’s best at and excel at that. without someone belittling her or treating her like a kid or being overprotective
  • daryl FOLLOWING BETH’S LEAD!!! no matter what he thinks of her plans, he’s respecting them. beth wants a drink? ok, daryl will help her get her acohol. beth wants to search for the others? ok he will follow. beth wants to burn down a house? ok fun lets do it.
  • daryl treats her like an equal and that’s so important. he’s basically standing there like ‘ok do what you need to do, i’ll have your back’
  • daryl teaching beth how to track and how to use his crossbow
  • beth slaying zombies on her own and growing more confident of her own skills
  • daryl reminding beth that her feelings and thoughts are valid and normal instead of ‘unbelievably stupid' and that she shouldnt feel bad about them
  • i mean beth literally wrote in her diary ‘if this (the prison) doesn’t work i don’t know how we could keep going’ and all this shit happened and while she’s KNOWS she’s physically the weakest character and she KNOWS everyone expects her to die, and still its BETH who turns out to be the most optimistic one, making plans and getting daryl on her side and learning how to be less dependent and teaching new skills and never losing hope
  • like wow she ran off with the most skilled survivor of the group and she turned out to be so fucking important for their survival, it’s amazing

they’re basically constantly boosting each other’s confidence and ego  by reminding the other how great they are for what they are WITHOUT EVEN INTENDING TO DO SO, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT

(especially if you think about how special this is for two people who probably wouldnt even look at each otherunder normal non-apoca;yptic circumstances)

but(!!!!!) despite their differences they also have a LOT of common ground to build on:

  • obvious but extremely relevant: TEAM PRISON. they basically share a family
  • beth and daryl never interacted much on screen but they still have a lot of history (shared trauma’s >.<) together: the farm, the prison and (most importantly!!!) the timegap between the farm and the prison in which they lived on the road and they all got really close
  • i mean LOOK AT HOW DARYL AND BETH KILL WALKERS TOGETHER WITH A SINGLE NOD OF THEIR HEAD AND HOW THEY BASICALLY THROW THEIR OWN LIFE IN EACH OTHERS HANDS COMPLETELY TRUSTING THE OTHER KNOWS WHAT TO DO this wasnt something they just picked up, they are way too adjusted to each other for that, so they did this before
  • so there already WAS a strong bond between them even though they didnt interact much. when daryl left the group for merle, beth was visibly upset and when the entire grimes family broke down and daryl had to find babyfood he trusted her to keep an eye on people
  • they’re both survivors. they both got to the point where they got close to death and had to make a choice between life and death, around the same time even, and they both decided to choose life and fight for it.
  • they’re both people who are good at eliminating themselves and their feelings for the sake of others and the ‘greater good’. daryl saying he’s ‘ok’ simply because he ‘gotta be’ before walking away to whoever needs him and beth saying she ‘doesnt cry anymore’ because they ‘dont get to be upset’ and they ‘all got jobs to do’, their escape together might be the first time they both started out with prioritizing their own feelings above someone elses
  • beth and daryl bonding over missing their older sibling(s) and being bossed around by them :333
  • they’re also both really observant and constantly checking up on each other to see if they’re ok but without invading their private thoughts/moments etc its kinda cute

"but ew, isn’t beth like twelve"

  • no
  • beth is 18 and a consenting adult
  • she probably had more relationships than daryl
  • don’t say ‘oh but its the apocalypse, rules dont apply anymore’ cause of course rules apply, now more than ever probably
  • but they share a bond founded on trust and respect, they take care of each other, and no one is taking advantage of anyone. everything about their interactions together tell me they would have an equal relationship and thats what matters
  • Norman Reedus: “There’s definitely some tension there. The thing about it is, she’s a woman. She is not a little girl.”
  • Emily Kinney: ‘He’s older than me, but he’s not like my dad’s age or even maybe Rick’s age.”

i dont know why i rambled so much cause this sums it up basically:


jaimelannister yes to ALL of this. Note two similar NR quotes
1. When Daryl falls in love with you its forever.
2. He definitely has a soft spot for her forever.

Yeah AMC making this ship canon: couldn’t have written it better myself!
#bethyl #itscanonbaby

 Amen to this entire post :)

I think this song  reallyfits Daryl’s and Beth’s  situation More like how Daryl might be feeling .someone should make a fan video with this song.

Like a sentence of Death
I’ve got no options left
I’ve got nothing to show now
I’m down on the ground, I’ve got seconds to live
And you can’t go now
'Cause love, like an invisible bullet,
Shot me down and I’m bleeding
Yeah I’m bleeding

And if you go furious angels will bring you back to me
Will bring you back to me

You’re a dirty needle
You’re in my blood and there’s no curin’ me
And I want to run, like the blood from a wound
To place you can’t see me
'Cause love, like a blow to the head,
Has left me stunned and I’m bleeding
Yeah, I’m bleeding

And if you go furious angels will bring you back to me

You’re a cold piece of steel between my ribs
And there’s no saving me
And I can’t get up
From this wet crimson bed that you made for me
That you made for me
'Cause love, like a knife in the back
Cut me down and I’m bleeding
Yeah I’m bleeding

And if you go, Angels will run to defend me
To defend me
'Cause I can't get up

I’m as cold as a stone, I can feel the life fade from me
I’m down on the ground, I’ve got seconds to live
And what’s there that waits for me?
Oh, that waits for me
'Cause love, like a sentence of death's left me stunned
And I’m reeling, yeah I’m reeling

And if you go furious angels will bring you back to me


My mom works at a military base and pretty much everyone watches the walking dead, well a first Sergeant asked my mom a question first thing this morning. Here’s what he asked.

"Do you think Beth is dead?"

My mom: “No she isn’t. She’s going to save everyone from terminus and be with Daryl.”

She said he smiled and said.” Good.” And then went about his business.

Military men even want Beth and Daryl to hook up! I love this ship!


How guilty is Daryl feeling? that the one that had no faith gets to be with almost everyone and Beth, who was certain about their lives gets to be with no one 



*le cry*

(c) captaincalahaan

[Not my] Bethyl Meta: Why Bethyl works and others don’t.


So I am lucky enough to get to talk to some really insightful people that give me stuff to think and talk about for ages. I had a really good conversation with someone today and they wrote this beautiful breakdown of bethyl and to some extent, why c*ryl doesn’t and will never work. However they want to remain anonymous so I’m publishing it on my blog but know that this isn’t mine. Actually, the bolded stuff is. Like I said, we were having a conversation and she quoted some of the stuff I sent her and she reacted to it. So the bold is what I originally sent. The stuff that isn’t bold is this lovely person’s thoughts and musings. You certainly don’t have to agree with them. I do and I think they are beautifully explained and I had to share with you all. (Btw: She did give me permission to publish this on my blog. Just so you all know.)

“I really hate how people don’t seem to understand how much Daryl cares for Beth. They complain that it was out of character for him to open up to Beth In a few days while not doing so with Carol in 4 seasons. It’s not a coincidence, people! It’s not ooc writing! It’s that Beth is extremely non threatening to someone who has always had to live on his guard. Daryl has spot on instincts for self preservation; that includes emotionally too. There’s a reason he didn’t feel safe or comfortable enough with Carol even after knowing her for over a year. There’s a reason he opened up to Beth and built everything they had up in his head to something romantic. It’s because Daryl felt safe around her.”

I’d bet you anything it pre-dated their time alone too. He’s seen how Beth’s always been, at the prison, taking care of Judith, the singing, etc. We have canon confirmation Daryl knew, almost intimately, everyone at the prison. How he got that piece of jasper for some random woman in the prison because she wanted to put it on her husband’s (?) grave. You can’t tell me he didn’t know everything there was to know about Beth Greene (Herschel’s daughter and someone he’d have known since the Greene’s farm, not to mention she was Li’l Asskicker’s designated caretaker), even if they’d probably barely exchanged a handful of words to each other. 

And because Daryl knows people so intimately, so accurately most of the time, I honestly think his denial to Rick about Carol’s remorseless over killing Karen and David was mostly him wanting to believe that rather than actually believing it. I think he knew, deep down, she was capable of it. That Carol had changed and this adds to his increasing reticence around her revealing his feelings / what’s going through his head. C*ryl fans want to know why he didn’t storm out of the prison immediately looking for her after Rick banished her? I don’t think it was just his responsibilities at the prison or afraid of losing his place among his family (and, heh, speaking of something else more important to him than Carol)… I think it’s because he did know she was capable of what Rick said, he just didn’t want to admit it. That, due to his trust in Rick, knowing Rick wouldn’t lie to him or have been mistaken about something like that. That’s why he doesn’t go off searching for Carol or spend all that much time thinking or worrying about her, at least from what we see. She disappointed him in this intrinsic way and it’s never going to be fixed imho. Even if Carol is sorry NOW for her cold-blooded executive decisions after Lizzie & Mika. I think it’s going to be too little, too late for the damage done in Daryl’s heart and mind towards his perception of her. Friendship maybe… but any chance at romance? 

Though I have a whole set of other issues why I don’t think C*ryl romance was ever truly going to happen. Not even in TWD, for how fucked up the world is. I get into more detail about that at the bottom of this screed.

Yet we get to see Daryl worried about Beth, clearly missing her just like Beth said he would. Nice little addendum too we get to see Daryl does NOT like other people touching his crossbow, which is all too literally an extension of himself, and he handed it over to Beth so easily to help teach her, by Beth’s own request.

“For someone with an abused background, feelings of safety are HUGE, because people like that spend most of their lives feeling skeptical and skittish”

I think of Angela Carter a lot when I consider Bethyl. The metaphors and allegory behind fairy tales like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Little Red Riding Hood” (Carter posits most of those fairy tales are about sexual awakening/sexual coming-of-age and the latent fears behind that). Daryl as the wild wolf and Beth as the beauty that tamed the Beast, so to speak. Though it works the other way too, Beth as the Beast (whose teeth and claws are her almost terrifyingly open emotional honesty that Daryl does NOT know how to deal with) and Daryl as the almost virginal loner wandering the woods. Yet these two are destined to collide, just as they’re meant to. Just as nearly every person comes to some sort of sexual coming-of-age or awareness.

“Like we see Daryl flinch when someone initiates contact with him. With Beth, it’s different. He doesn’t shy away from it and he even initiates it himself. Again, this is so significant for Daryl.”

Not meandering too far from Carter, but a lot of the time Daryl reminds me of an abused pet. They’re distrusting to everyone, ready to bite people’s hands off, and he nearly bit Beth’s hands a few times. Straight-up screaming in her face in “Still”. However, Daryl lets go with her, not only due to the heat of the moment and the grief and stress they’re both experiencing mixed with the moonshine, but because I think he feels – again, perhaps more unconsciously than anything and through the way Daryl just ~knows~ people – because he believes he can trust her with these feelings. He CAN let himself go with her and it’s safe to do so. And there’s no one to stop him or break them up, someone there fearing he might hurt her. Also him knowing Beth isn’t some child to be coddled or someone who can’t take a little yelling. That catharsis could NEVER happen in the prison with too many protecting Beth and too many probably wary of a 35+ something guy screaming at this young girl. However, it’s something I think needed to happen not only for Daryl’s sake, but Beth’s too. Daryl needed to get that out and Beth needed someone there to see her as the adult she is, for how strong she is. 

As we see, Beth not only withstands Hurricane!Daryl just fine, Carol withstood it too, but the major difference is Beth pushed back. She defiantly challenged the hurricane. And that led to the big cathartic moment, him revealing his grief, guilt and anguish about the prison’s fall, about her dad’s death. Then her absolution – Herschel’s own daughter – hugging him. This is exactly what Daryl needed… and I do think Daryl felt so much better after it. Hence why they’re so much closer after the screaming match and tears and that continues and escalates in “Alone”. It’s that key thing, Beth pushes back AND Daryl feeling safe enough with her to let go… these are things missing from C*ryl and these are pretty vital things.

I’d also add Daryl’s anger at Carol’s almost indifference and acceptance of Sophia’s disappearance, that one time he blew up at her, could have too easily been a reflection of his anger and frustration at his own mother. Carol was an abused wife, as was Daryl’s mother. Carol admitted she didn’t or couldn’t stop Ed from abusing Sophia (also implying the abuse may have been sexual). Daryl’s mother who stood by and did nothing while her children were beaten, while she herself was beaten and did nothing. Yet Daryl being Daryl likely still couldn’t help but love his mother, just as he loved Merle… even if they may have been, erm, less than worthy of that love, he loved them anyway. Maybe some part of him loves Carol (though, imo, I don’t really think it’s in THAT way). Only for his mother to die pointlessly in a drunken stupor because she didn’t take more care with a lit cigarette. Carol may not go out that way… but then again, after Sophia, Lizzie and Mika? And considering how her comic book counterpart dies? Well.

This is why I’ve always thought – though I did see a hint of something romantic in Daryl and Carol here and there (more on Carol’s side) – I also always saw C*ryl more than a little fucked-up because it was predominantly Oedipal to me. It’s Daryl – still that abused little boy – who maybe wanting to protect his mother by proxy through Carol. He couldn’t save his drunken mother from certain death (the burning house), but he could carry Carol away from Solitary Confinement and the Walkers where she was weak from dehydration (after the Walker attack that killed T-Dog).

Beth is so unique in Daryl’s life because there’s no real comparison to her from anything we know about Daryl’s past. She’s not a Mommy Stand-In like Carol and she’s not a Daddy Stand-In like Merle basically was. She’s also not a stand-in for Merle as sibling (Rick is Daryl’s brother, but Rick is the brother Daryl SHOULD have had, just as Daryl is the best friend/brother Shane should have been, but wasn’t). As far as canon goes, Daryl has known no one like Beth before… and that’s what makes her so unique. That’s partly what I think draws Daryl to her so strongly. It’s also the kind of person Beth is, of course. Her kindness, her light and how safe Daryl feels around her. 

Considering how we pretty much know Daryl has yearned for some sort of family and belonging, probably all his life? I wouldn’t be entirely surprised Beth is just the sort of girl he’d dream of falling in love with one day, the kind of girl he’d dream of marrying and having a family with, but also a dream he’s undoubtedly believed completely unattainable to him because he’s so fucked up in the head (because of his past and the abuse) and he’s a poor, dirty and violent redneck who was “nobody and nothing”. While Beth was a veterinarian’s daughter, from a good, decent family and lived on this practically idyllic country farm with “a pet pony” and gone on “vacations”, because she’s refined and educated and seen the world (or at least “been out of Georgia”) compared to him. Yet Beth Greene – despite some of her privilege – isn’t some “Rich Bitch” looking down on him.

Though his palpable anger at him thinking she saw him as some loser frequently in jail was definitely an interesting reaction. Daryl REALLY seemed to hate her seeing him that way. Was it just because this privileged little girl with her perfect life was looking down on him, or he hated BETH specifically thinking him lesser somehow? Beth unintentionally reminding him how unattainable he thinks someone like her is to him… except, that will very likely prove not to be true either. Considering I’d bet cash-money down on Beth having feels for him too, that their time together also sparked something in her. And their time apart may very well may make it grow into an inferno.


Also, persnickety